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Are you moving to Carlsbad, CA and looking for great schools in Carlsbad? Buying a home for your family while finding great public schools can be overwhelming. I’m often asked by home buyers with children “what are the best schools in Carlsbad in 2016?” As well as “what Carlsbad neighborhoods have the best public schools?” Good news is no matter where you buy a home in Carlsbad, your kids will attend a great school!

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Carlsbad High Schools

First on our Great Schools in Carlsbad list are the Carlsbad Unified School District high schools.

  • Carlsbad HS – 2982 students
    2011-2013 API Scores – 838
    2015 State Ranking – 223 of 1,999 CA public high schools.
    National Ranking – 1035 (according to U.S. News & World Report)
    STEM Ranking –
  • Sage Creek HS – 308 students
    2011-2013 API Scores, State ranking, National as well as STEM ranking are not yet available.

Carlsbad High School

Established in 1957 as well as a great tradition of community. Many attend Carlsbad high school because it has the largest number of activities for its students. Moreover the school offers academically challenging courses. As well as the speech and debate team, which has been nationally ranked in the top 1%. Meanwhile their sports teams are also highly competitive in their leagues. The school has also been recognized for achievement in the arts. Lastly this school has the largest enrollment and offers many traditional high school options to students.

Sage Creek High School

Sage Creek High opened in 2013 and are known as a STEM-based school. Likewise, they have a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. They participate in various CIF sports, excluding football. Additionally the school operates on a trimester program. This allows students to complete more classes by the end of their high school career.

Great Schools in Carlsbad Middle Schools

Next on our Great Schools in Carlsbad list are the Carlsbad Unified School District middle schools.

  • Aviara Oaks MS – 1082 students
    2011-2013 API Scores – 947
    2015 State Ranking – 124 of 2482 CA public middle schools.
  • Valley MS – 995
    2011-2013 API Scores – 870
    2015 State Ranking – 333 of 2482
  • Calavera Hills MS – 510
    2011-2013 API Scores – 858
    2015 State Ranking – 438 of 2482

Aviara Oak Middle School

First of the great middle schools in carlsbad is Aviara Oaks. Furthest south middle school in the district. A California Distinguished School, Aviara Oaks is a Google Apps for Education school, and uses tablet and Chromebook technologies. Aviara Oaks is a three-grade middle school serving grades 6, 7 and 8.

Valley Middle School

Next on our great schools in Carlsbad list is found near Carlsbad High School. Valley Middle serves grades 6 through 8 and have been named a California Distinguished School. As well as a National Blue Ribbon School. Valley Middle School offers a “Village System” which helps students adjust between Elementary School and High School. Moreover they offer a variety of electives helping to students to find and succeed in what they are interested in.

Calavera Hills Middle School

Next on our great schools in Carlsbad is located farther east in Carlsbad. Calavera Hills is smaller in size as they only serve 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Moreover they are smallest in the district with only 450 students. The school exists to help students grow academically and personally.

Great Schools in Carlsbad Elementary Schools

Finally, on our Great Schools in Carlsbad list are the Carlsbad Unified School District elementary schools.

  • Aviara Oaks ES – 723 students
    2011-2013 API Scores – 911
    2015 State Ranking – 325 of 5567 CA public elementary schools.
  • Buena Vista ES – 283
    2011-2013 API Scores – 888
    2015 State Ranking – 629
  • Calavera Hills ES – 511
    2011-2013 API Scores – 840
    2015 State Ranking – 1185
  • Hope ES – 618
    2011-2013 API Scores – 910
    2015 State Ranking – 406
  • Jefferson ES – 525
    2011-2013 API Scores – 847
    2015 State Ranking – 1261
  • Kelly ES – 410
    2011-2013 API Scores – 926
    2015 State Ranking – 365
  • Magnolia ES – 458
    2011-2013 API Scores – 904
    2015 State Ranking – 657
  • Pacific Rim ES – 883
    2011-2013 API Scores – 974
    2015 State Ranking – 19
  • Poinsettia ES – 548
    2011-2013 API Scores – 882
    2015 State Ranking – 590

Aviara Oaks Elementary School

This K-5 school sits on 19 acres in Southern Carlsbad and serves about 700 students. Additionally they are very well equipped elementary school with many resources for student success. Moreover the parent involvement through different committees and organizations is important to the school’s success and an irreplaceable asset. Some people choose to buy real estate within the boundaries of this school because of its good reputation.

Buena Vista Elementary School

Is in Carlsbad, not far from the village. With the school’s ocean view, students can enjoy education in a beautiful area. Buena Vista offers students many opportunities for success, with tutor help, technology, parent involvement, and more.

Calavera Hills Elementary School

Offers a STEM focused education in eastern Carlsbad next to the Calavera Hills Middle Schhool. The science, technology, engineering, and mathematics based curriculum. Moreover they utilize iPads and provide projects that will help students apply their learning. Moreover Calavera prides themselves in preparing students for STEM careers beginning in kindergarten. The school encourages community involvement in the education and development of their young students.

Hope Elementary School

Is a California Distinguished School located off of Tamarack Avenue in eastern Carlsbad. They have a dedicated and experienced staff and assist students in grades K-5. Also, the faculty analyze student data to more effectively teach the youth at their school. Hope Elementary utilizes both parents and staff to encourage student success.

Jefferson Elementary School

Is an International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Program School in west Carlsbad near Tamarack Avenue. This school is open to students from different areas in the district because of its unique IB program. Students have the opportunity to learn language and apply themselves in a variety of subjects amidst powerful real life experiences.

Kelly Elementary School

Located south west of El Camino Real in Carlsbad, is a California Distinguished School. Their mission is to help students of varying abilities learn and grow. Using technology, teachers offer an effective way for young students to learn. Additionally, the parent-teacher association is strong, helping to create an accommodating atmosphere to young learners.

Magnolia Elementary School

Located in Olde Carlsbad near Carlsbad High School and Valley Middle School. It opened in 1957 and has since been updated. Magnolia holds a tradition of education. They enjoy the assistance of an active PTA and positive school spirit. The school serves student in grades K-5 with an enrollment of about 475 students.

Pacific Rim Elementary School

Is in south Carlsbad not far from the 5 freeway, and has been named a California Distinguished School. They embrace technology and encourage student growth as learners and individuals. With over 20,000 volunteer hours given, parents are able to assist greatly in the advancement of student focused programs.

Poinsettia Elementary School

opened in 2007 and is located near Bressi Ranch in eastern Carlsbad. They have a goal to help students develop as a whole: academically, artistically, socially, and individually. Parents take an active role in the school and in their student’s development. They have seen positive progress in their API score and provide opportunities for student leadership.


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