Best Encinitas High Schools

Some of the best Encinitas high schools are in the San Dieguito Union High School district (SDUHSD). The Encinitas area is well known as a great place to raise a family! There are many factors that play into making this sought-after area so attractive, and the local schools are one of the most important. The San Dieguito Union School District is so respected that prices of Encinitas homes are dependent upon the district to which they are assigned. Parents are more than willing to pay a high price for their children to have the best educational experience. While some parents still opt to send their children to private schools, the award-winning education available at SDUHSD public schools often makes this unnecessary. Also read related articles: Encinitas Union School District – Best Encinitas Elementary  Schools

San Dieguito Union High School District

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Best Encinitas High Schools

By affording students the structure and facilities necessary to succeed, the San Dieguito Unified School District has become locally and nationally recognized for achievement. The district encompasses 4 High Schools and 5 Middle Schools. Here we evaluate each school’s academic rankings in four sections defined below. 

  1. CA State Ranking This ranks each school out of 2,399 high schools within the state of California.
  2. National Ranking This ranks each school out of 21,000 high schools nationwide.
  3. STEM is a national ranking of public schools based on science, technology, engineering and math scores. For a public school to be eligible for the 2016 STEM ranking it must first qualify by being a Gold Medal Winner in 2015.
  4. API is a system used prior to 2013 to measure the academic performance and progress of individual public schools in the state of California. Scores range from a low of 200 to a high of 1000 and evaluate English proficiency, Literacy, Math and Science. Starting in the 2014 academic calendar year, public schools in California are evaluated by Common Core State Standards (CCSS).


SDUHSD  School Name CA State Ranking National Ranking STEM Ranked API

1. Canyon Crest Academy (CCA)

5 73 85 921

2. Torrey Pines High School (TPHS)





3. La Costa Canyon (LCC)



Not Ranked


4. San Dieguito HS Academy (SDA)


457 224


Best Encinitas High Schools – SDUHSD

Although superior academic performance is important to many families, extracurricular activities also provide much value. Academic approach, culture and environment, non academic  are also evaluated when determining a great school for their children.  Each of the Best Encinitas High Schools offer a variety of creative and physical activities. 

1. Canyon Crest Academy

Canyon Crest Academy serves over 1,800 students living in Encinitas and Carlsbad neighborhoods that are within the districts boundaries. Located less than 3 miles from Torrey Pines High School it is the newest of the high schools in the SDUHSD district. Students attend four 90-minute classes a day, with each school year divided into two 18-week terms. This allows students to take 8 classes per year, instead of the regular 6, and better prepares them for college schedules. Also, the school offers 21 varsity sports programs, although CCA does not have a football team. They have reached success and awards in the arts, sciences, math, visual arts and more. Canyon Crest prides itself in preparing students for success during and after high school.

2. Torrey Pines High School

Over 2,600 students attend TPHS which live in Del Mar, Solana Beach and portions of Rancho Santa Fe. Founded in 1974, the school has soared high like their Falcon mascot. A great number of extracurricular activities are offered along with high quality academic programs and over 26 Division one varsity-level sports. Parents offer support in great numbers with over 300 parent volunteers. Moreover their renowned football team is taking full advantage of their new $1.2 million dollar football field.

3. La Costa Canyon

Torrey Pine’s biggest rival La Costa Canyon, is third on our best Encinitas high school list. Sitting on over 88 acres in south Carlsbad, this school serves over 2,000 students living in Encinitas and Rancho Santa Fe. LCC has an excellent variety of extracurricular options with 60 clubs and achievements in the arts, athletics, as well as speech and debate, to name a few. La Costa Canyon is a positive fit for students of varying interests. Over 90% of students attend college after graduation. There is a great foundation and parent-association which provides higher funding for better programs.

4. San Dieguito High School Academy

Finally the last but not lease on the best Encinitas high school list is one of the oldest public high schools in the district. Also serving over 1,600 students Encinitas and Carlsbad. SDA uses a different style of scheduling in which students attend four 90-minute classes each day, the school year is divided into two 18-week terms allowing students to complete 8 classes per year. There is a 25-minute homeroom period 4 days a week. While the school does not have a football team, it does compete in many other sports.

Possibly the most prominent reason these schools are so successful is parent involvement. With high expectations for their children, parents have increased expectations for the local schools. Parents attend meetings with administrators, support fundraisers, staff student events, operate parent-teacher associations, and extend one on one time to their children to raise the local standard for a powerful school experience.

Encinitas real estate comes at no small cost to parents looking to bring their children into the local school districts. The value, however, seems to be sticking. Former students have moved back to the area hoping to give their children a positive area to grow up in. Additionally, new families continue to seek out Encinitas homes for sale with the same goal in mind for their children and are thereby helping to create a competitive local real estate market. If you are considering buying a home in Encinitas or for more information on Encinitas homes for sale contact the Top Encinitas Real Estate Agent James Jam today!