Best Encinitas Elementary Schools

Best Carlsbad Elementary Schools Best Encinitas Elementary Schools

Are you moving to Encinitas, CA 92024 and looking for details on the best Encinitas Elementary Schools? Often, finding a house in a neighborhood you like coupled with finding a great school is difficult. Many first time home buyers with children ask “what are the best schools in Encinitas in 2016?” As well as “What neighborhood should I live in for the best Encinitas public schools?” Fortunately, no matter where you buy a home in Encinitas, your kids will attend a great school!

Best Carlsbad Elementary Schools Best Encinitas Elementary Schools

Encinitas Union School District (EUSD)

   First of all, Encinitas schools rank highly in the Academic Performance Index (API). Likewise this is a measurement of academic performance and progress of individual public schools in the state of California. Scores ranges from a low of 200 to a high of 1000 and evaluate English proficiency and literacy. As well as Math and Science. Available in the graph below are the average API scores for 2011, 2012 & 2013. While API Scores for 2015 – 2016 are not yet available, you will find the 2015 state ranking for each school. There are a total of 5,567 public schools in the state of California.

Best Carlsbad Elementary Schools (2)


2011-2013 API Scores

(Average of 3 years)


(Out of 5,567 total in CA)

El Camino Creek

955 193

Mission Estancia



Olivenhain Pioneer

935 324

Flora Vista



La Costa Heights



Ocean Knoll






Paul Ecke 864


Park Dale Lane 855


Best Encinitas Elementary Schools

 Although academic performance is important, especially relevant include extracurricular activities. The approach of the best Encinitas elementary schools includes their culture, environment, and being well-rounded. Moreover EUSD is also known for the high parent and teacher involvement. In addition, EUSD schools have great during and after school programs ranging from language to gardening to healthy eating. Noteworthy EUSD schools have received awards such as the National Blue Ribbon, California Distinguished School, and Golden Bell. Encinitas Elementary schools are listed in order of highest API ranking starting with:

1. El Camino Creek 

At the top of the Best Encinitas Elementary Schools list is El Camino Creek. El Camino serves La Costa Valley, Rancho Ponderosa, and Santa Fe Ridge. In addition to Bridgewater and Willlow Creek.  More than 700 Kindergarten – 6th grade students attend El Camino Creek public elementary school. Moreover this school is in the process of implementing program that pays teachers higher salaries. Mostly in hopes of creating a higher demand of qualified staff to serve  students.

  • Foreign language Classes: Mandarin (Chinese), Spanish
  • Sports: Fitness & Conditioning, Baseball, Softball, martial arts, Lacrosse, Golf, Tennis, Basketball and more!
  • After School Clubs & Sports: Computer code, The “Dad’s Club“ is dedicated to building stronger relationships, Hebrew School, Drama, Recycling Contest, Magician classes, Garden where they harvest fresh food, Miracle League, Math 24, Etiquette, Astrology, Chess, Monart, Dance, Band and more!

2. Mission Estancia (ME)

Mission Estancia Elementary School serves over 550 K-6 students. Many who live in Colinas de Oro, Villagio, and La Cresta. In addition to Summerwalk, Arroyo Vista, Sonata, and Tiburon. Moreover neighborhoods including Parkside, La Costa Knolls and portions of La Costa Oaks. Also they have been awarded the title of being a California Distinguished School and a National Blue Ribbon School.

  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Sports: Softball, Baseball
  • After School Clubs: Miracle League, Math 24, Digital Art, Photography, and more!

3. Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary (OPE)

Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary school serves several neighborhoods including the majority of Encinitas homes. In addition to Colony Olivenhain, Olive Crest, and Morning Sun Ranch. Furthermore OPE serves The Ranch, in addition to Saddle Ridge, and Santa Fe Trails. Serving over 600 students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Moreover OPE is one of the most popular elementary schools among locals with children living in Olivenhain. Most people like that OPE goes above and beyond with the community involvement. Likewise this school offers a variety of fitness programs as well as pollution awareness. In addition to foreign language and more!

  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Sports: Softball and Fast-pitch baseball
  • After School Clubs: Math 24, Band, Music Instrumental and Theory lessons, Gardening, Health and Wellness and more!

4. Flora Vista 

Flora Vista serves iver 450 students k-6 living in New Village Park, Northview, Village Creek and Fieldstone. Located in the Encinitas Union School District, Flora Vista serves approximately 450 students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Also they were awarded title of being a California Distinguished School four times. As a result of an award-winning Pre-school and YMCA Pre-school program. Most students live within walking or biking distance of campus. 

  • Foreign Language Courses: Spanish, Mandarin (Chinese)
  • Sports: A variety of sports including softball, dance and Fast pitch.
  • After School Clubs: In addition to normal after school programs there are numerous summer programs. Mandarin language classes, science camps, coding classes, magic camps, drama and acting camps, drawing, mixed media,and clay working. Moreover, spring break programs include language classes. As well as science and technology camps, athletics, and a variety of other programs.

5. La Costa Heights

Furthermore La Costa Heights Elementary School serves over 720 students from Kindergarten through 6th grade. Moreover LCH serves students living in Monarch Hills and portions of La Costa Oaks. In addition to Olde La Costa and neighborhoods located along the south side of the La Costa Resort and Spa. Most importantly LCH has been awarded California Distinguished School. Moreover, La Costa Heights recently implemented their The Leader in Me program, which focuses on teaching students to be leaders. 

  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Sports: Softball and Fastpitch baseball
  • After School Clubs: Miracle League, Softball, Baseball, Math 24

6. Ocean Knoll 

Additionally Ocean Knoll Elementary School serves over 550 students. Many living in homes in the southern portion of Encinitas. Likewise students living on the border of the Cardiff School District. Moreover it is an International Baccalaureate World School. In addition it has a Primary Years Program and nutrition classes. Moreover Ocean Knolls offers gardening, Spanish classes and even music! Furthermore it has a student-run store.

  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Sports: Baseball, Softball,
  • After School Clubs & Sports: Dolphin Store, Kindercare Club, Math 24, Homework Club, Etiquette, and more!

7. Capri

Next is Capri Elementary serving over 700 k-6 students. Many Capri students live in Skyloft and Fox Point. As well as Quail Gardens and Encinitas Ranch.  Most importantly the mission of Capri Elementary is to provide skills and tools where students can explore creativity. As well as develop a strong knowledge base. 

  • Foreign Language Courses: Mandarin (Chinese), French, Spanish
  • Sports: Rugby, fitness and conditioning , volleyball, martial arts, basketball, dance, jump rope
  • After School Clubs & Sports: Building & engineering, robotics, science, art, music classes, science groups, Math 24, reading stars (Astrology), Drama, Chess and even coding and programming. 

8. Paul Ecke Central 

Moreover Best Encinitas Elementary Schools number 8 is Paul Ecke Central. Also Paul Ecke serves over 560 students living west of the I-5 Encinitas including Leucadia. Moreover it has been selected as a California Distinguished School five times. As well as a Golden Bell School which features a Dual Immersion Program. Most importantly this encourages children to become bilingual.

  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Sports: Miracle League, Softball, Baseball, Jog-A-Thon, Yoga
  • After School Clubs: Math 24, Gardening

9. Park Dale Lane

Finally ninth on the Best Encinitas Elementary Schools list maybe last while it certainly is not least! Moreover Park Dale Lane Elementary School serves several neighborhoods including Village Park. As well as the Terraces at Cantebria and Olivenhain south of Encinitas Boulevard. Additionally Park Dale serves approximately 530 students. Moreover it is a National Blue Ribbon school, also awarded the title of being a California Distinguished School three times. 

  • Foreign Language: Spanish
  • Sports: Softball, Baseball
  • After School Clubs: Miracle League, Softball, Baseball, Math 24, Family Running, Yoga

In conclusion, the Best Encinitas Elementary Schools are most noteworthy ranked high in their academic performance. Furthermore a variety of sports, foreign languages, and extra curricular programs. As a result parents from all over the world buy homes in Encinitas!

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